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Load-In/Load Out

Load-In/Load Out (Production, D├ęcor And Staging)

Before load-in begins, a visual inspection with a subcontractor from your group will be made of the group check-in area and ballroom. Engineering must approve a diagram of equipment, electrical and staging needs.  A liability form must be signed thirty days prior to load-in.  A member of the hotel staff will monitor all load-in activity with a report submitted.  Set-up must be within hotel guidelines as to location of equipment and in accordance with local fire codes.  
 Once a load-in/load-out schedule has been established and approved, it must be followed to avoid inconveniencing your conference attendees and our other guests as our guestrooms are located in close proximity to the Ballrooms.
All load-in/out schedules must be approved in writing by your Catering/Event manager.
 Protective covering must be laid down on all floor surfaces, both indoor and out during load-in/out.  Outdoors, the following may be used:  Visqueen and plywood combination, Marley, or indoor/outdoor carpeting (min. ¼” thick).  The covering will need to be double width at all corners so that cartwheels do not touch floor surfaces.  Indoors there must be covering underneath all equipment, whether permanent or staged.  Visqueen and plywood may be used for temporary areas, but the plywood needs to be flame retardant and the Visqueen cannot be used where there are electrical cords running around or underneath.
The terra cotta tiles can handle 900 p.s.i.  Bubble tires and a load-in path into the ballroom with the least amount of transport across the carpet is recommended.  Prior approval and proper ramps must be arranged for any load-in/out to go over steps.  It is the production company’s responsibility to provide these materials.
Trucks and containers may only be parked temporarily in the designated unloading area and must be removed as soon as they are emptied.  They cannot be left on property overnight.  Lifts should be electric, not gas or propane-powered.  Group entrance is to be kept neat and orderly as possible at all times, as this is a guest area.  At no time will any equipment be stored in any unauthorized area without approval from the Catering/Event manager.
Smaller items, A/V cases, etc. must be loaded in the loading dock, utilizing the back hallway access to the ballrooms.
Equipment cannot be stored in the service corridor adjacent to the ballroom, in the dressing rooms or hallway alcoves under any circumstances.
Storage needs are to be addressed prior to load-in/out with your Catering/Event manager.
Please note the following requirements inside the Ballrooms:
*No tables, staging of A/V equipment are to be within 3’ of the walls or 6’ of the murals
*No wires or cables are to be taped to the carpet; fire codes require most cables to be suspended from the ceiling; and all must be flown over all doorways, including service doors.

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